L’Appél du Vide



Sandder Lanen's professional background in film adds to the strong cinematographic feel in his still images. With L’Appél du Vide, his self-published book, it almost seems that you are watching someone's life on an old VHS tape. It is a sequence of mysterious female portraits, bird's eye views of forlorn cities at night, uncanny shots of raw meat and sensual nudes bathed in warm tones of ambient light. The title of the book refers loosely to the call of the void”: this strange human longing for the edge of life, a self-destructive thought that makes you want to jump off a steep cliff, if only for a split second.

Being Lanen's first published book, it also talks about a search for the photographic self and underlines the accidental transformation of filmmaker to photographer. He completed the series after having attended workshops by Todd Hido (b. 1968, United States) and Calin Kruse (Germany), photographers famous for their film-like images that provide an insight into mysterious suburban adventures full of darkness and hidden secrets. The images in L'Appél du Vide depict friends and acquaintances of the author, captured in their daily routine with only the available light.