Karianne Bueno releases her third book, Haiiro, a self-published collection of 13 photos in a folding leporello, plus a digital C-print. Great attention has been paid to the book’s construction, using a handmade linen sleeve to enclose the imagery, to make the physical object another piece of the artwork.

Bueno informs us that Haiiro means grey, or greyish, in Japanese, and that the work is intended to convey the emotion of longing for elsewhere. In concrete terms, the photos include cityscapes, koi fish, surburban power lines, and natural settings of trees, crops, and oceans. The artist accompanies the photos with a short text, in vignette form, offering us insight only into her emotional state as she experiences the world around her, from an alienated perspective. The result is a very brief travelogue, and a personal account of an experience, which cannot necessarily be related to vicariously as the audience. Like someone else describing their dreams to you, we can only observe, and feel connected or not.

Haiiro is available for sale on Karianne Bueno’s website, as a limited edition of 25 copies, each numbered and signed by the artist. They’re available for sale directly from Karianne Bueno, with a choice between 5 works for the enclosed C-print. This edition of 25 handmade books is a special dummy edition.

The offset printed edition of 500 (the leporello in sleeve, a bit smaller and without an included print) will be launched during Paris Photo at OffPrint.

Reviewed by Katherine Oktober Matthews.