Inside - Outside




Step into the world of photographer Jutka Rona. she shows us one year in her life with her photographic diary inside - Outside. the book however, does not – as the title may suggest - focus mainly on what happens in her life. On the contrary, it focuses on the contrast between our ordinary life and what happens around us and is considered to be far removed from our daily lives. iraq, israel, afghanistan and Darfur were simultaneously engaged in wars at the time the book was created. every day the news stories contained death and destruction, no solution in sight. Jutka organised the news each week and placed the most important headlines below her personal pictures of that particular week. suddenly neighbours’ parties or the funny old dog didn’t seem that important anymore. after reading the news and hearing about international dramas we go back to our daily routines. this book presents a unique comparison, provoking curiosity about the photographer’s life and emphasising the compassion we have for what happens outside our own individual world.