I'll Kick You in the Head with my Energy Legs



I'll Kick You in the Head with my Energy Legs is like spending two hours hanging out with the cool kids, where cool isn't an attitude but a way of life. No need to be a lip trick master or wallow in the nostalgia of our teenage years to thoroughly enjoy Jonnie Craig's book. It's always enlightening to get an insider's look on a tight-knit, exclusive group, especially those that suffer many pre-conceptions like skateboarders. Craig's black and white portraits unveil the many endearing dimensions of his subjects: their youth, their camaraderie, their lightheartedness.

It's a funny thing to make a book about skaters without ever showing any of them jumping off ramps on their boards; yet, focusing on the people rather than the skills, Craig masterfully translates their bond with concrete -and also with nature, unexpectedly. His work also reveals the depth of these kids' attachment to a different set of values, on the edge of our world and incredibly appealing. It's a book that reeks of fun, friendship and passion, and it's impossible to remain impervious to a little bit of envy. I want to master the air and the ground beneath me too, I thought, when I closed the book. They found where they belonged, and they can fly. They know freedom.

Written by Marie-Charlotte Pezee