Everybody i ever met in L.A.




“These pictures are a wicked loving valentine to a city, which if female, would be the sort of wildcat you might entertain for a while, but would never take home to mom”, explains Jonathan Hollingsworth in his preface. The book is a parody of the love- hate relationship he has with L.A. Inspired by the people he knew, wanted to know or forget, he shot Polaroid pictures of different L.A. characters that look as though they could be totally un-staged. Well, they’re not! It’s a one-man show and a hilarious one at that, where you get to see the guy dressed up in all kinds of crazy outfits. Guided by the amusing captions, the book takes on a mug-shot aesthetic. A book that shines a light on the wannabe-character of the wonderful city of L.A.