The Nomad diaspora is gigantic: from Siberia and Lapland to North America and Greenland. Yet, the Nomads’ roots lay in Central Asia, in places like Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia. Jeroen Toirkens shows that, albeit the distance, these people still have the same customs. Spending the last twelve years in places where hot water and a fridge were luxury goods, Toirkens could dive really deep into the fascinating Nomad life. The result is astonishing. From the black and white portrait of a man and a predatory bird, provoking each other with vicious looks in the midst of a seemingly never ending desolate mountain landscape, to the intimate tent interior insights: Toirkens managed to capture these peoples’ qualities in every single photograph: Pride, inventiveness and hospitality.

With an essay by journalist Jelle Brandt Cortius, who accompanied Toirkens during his last journey. 

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