Bolivia, France, Yemen, Russia, Liberia, India, the USA and China: eight different countries were paid a visit by documentary photographer Jan Banning and his friend, writer Will Tinnemans. Their goal? To study the cultures & symbols of civil administration. Civil servants with executive power comprise the subjects with every picture featuring a civil servant such as a governor, loyal clerk or police officer sitting behind their desks. The book Bureaucratics highlights the differences between the featured countries, from a socio-political point-of- view to the architecture of the office and their dress code. Every office has its secrets and idiosyncrasies. Meet the American Texas Ranger with an office full of cowboy heads and a lasso in the corner, or the French narcotics team officer who displays all kinds of drugs-articles on his wall. There’s more to explore! Fun fact: The job specifications, including all the salaries of the ‘bureaucratics’, can be found at the back of this interesting and colorful book that has been awarded the World Press Photo Award. Curious? You should be.

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