I, Tokyo




Raw, aggressive, pure, naked. This about sums up the work Jacob Aue Sobol published in his book I, Tokyo. The pictures of dead rats, sad naked people and pretty much everything else that goes on in Tokyo are shocking but very real. With this book Jacob Aue Sobol wants to illustrate how the city can be attractive and repugnant at the same time. He searches for the individual amidst the masses in the metro pole. He photographs male prostitutes in Kabukicho, the red light district of Tokyo and tries to understand the Japanese youth that is called Shinjinrui; a generation that has no intention of upholding traditional Japanese culture. The Shinjinrui’s future lies in hard work and growing up in a rich, commercial environment. The other side of Tokyo is made up of homeless people who also earn a special place in the book. This is how Jacob Aue Sobol experiences Tokyo. I, Tokyo is a must-have for any fan of raw photography.

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