The Ball



Bachelor and Spinsters Balls, or B&S's, are traditional Australian celebrations organised for young unmarried people looking for a romantic partner. Well, at least it used to be like this years and years ago. Luckily, the situation has changed and nowadays B&S's are mostly centered on catching up with old friends and binge drinking cheap alcohol.

For his project The Ball, photographer Ingvar Kenne (b. 1965, Sweden) visited several of these events across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and Northern Territory in Australia. During his travels around the country, he found out that although B&S Balls are typically Ozzie, there are similar examples in other countries too. For instance, in the US there is Spring Break, and in Sweden you have midsummer and chaotic crayfish parties.

At the bottom of these at first sight hedonistic celebrations lies theuniversal longing of every young person to take control of their journey, in a need to break with authority in their lives, and consequently abandon that control. By depicting youngsters in the rebellious environment of music, alcohol, drugs and sex, the photographer shows the importance of the transition ceremony into manhood and womanhood. In order to highlight the flamboyance of the environment, Kenne opts for colour snapshot photography and a bright flash.