Born to an English father and a Peruvian mother, Ian Howorth (b. Peru) inherited a fascinating and culturally rich background. Such an upbringing can be very liberal and mind-expanding, but a downside might be the lost sense of belonging. No wonder Howorth’s first book Arcadia is spiced with ingredients like detachment, nostalgia, surreal dreams and lost hopes. Arcadia, which explores a personal connection to Great Britain, borrows its name from the Ancient Greeks: to them, Arcadia was a fictional place of harmony and prosperity.

The pleasing landscapes, solitary people and uncanny inanimate objects communicate the artist's longing for a utopian version of thepast and show the desire to restore the connection to his roots. By means of this project, Howorth is asking the viewer two important questions: how can an intangible concept of home resonate in a still image? And: how can a visual investigation be a solution for those who live in the country where they are considered both natives and foreigners?