Humanise Something Free of Error



Humanise Something Free of Error is a collection of mysterious images about human attempts to change weather conditions to their advantage.

Human beings have always tried to profit from Earth. This has undoubtedly brought us great benefits, but the question that echoes in the pages of Sara Piegay Espenon's (b. 1990, France) book is: with the scientific and technological revolution of the 20th century, haven’t we reached the limit of what we can take from our planet?

Through images collected from different sources such as press libraries, online forums and artists' photographic archives, Espenon gives voice to an apocalyptic and metaphysical scenario, which ignites our visual memory of the science fiction films of the 1980s.

However, far from fantasy, this mix of images ranging from laboratory experiments to results of global warming, from engineering constructions to strange clouds in the sky, is evidence of several scientific failures. Trying everything you can to stimulate food production, cope with water scarcity or prevent floods and hurricanes are good reasons to experiment, until they turn against you.