Jerusalem-based artist Gustavo Sagorsky (1975, Argentina) turns his attention to things that are dead or dying, or falling apart, or living according to some ambiguous definition. Far from morbid, however, the monograph Apparitions is a haphazard collection of oddities, from scarred armpit tissue to a taxidermied bird perched on a glass of water, from an impaled fish head to a toy stuffed horse with sullied white fur. Page by page, Sagorsky takes an uncomfortably up-close look at quirky objects and signs of (former) life, drawing our attention to the course of events preceding the pictures. Rich in colours and textures, Apparitions takes a lighthearted visual approach to the essence of existence.

Apparitions is available to purchase from publisher Skinnerboox. To read more about Apparitions, read Jordan Rockford's essay, which is included as an insert with the book.