MONO is the latest publication of publishing house Gomma Books LTD., and a treat for all lovers of monochrome photography. Its a stunning book - the first of a trilogy - dedicated entirely to contemporary black and white photography. Its 270 pages take you on a diverse visual journey past a number of internationally renowned photographers, as well as some surprising new names. Eight upcoming photographers were selected through a Call For Entries competition, which was held at the end of 2011 and requested photographers from around the world to submit their monochromatic work. The lucky winners have the honor of being featured alongside some of the greatest masters of contemporary black and white photography. These selected winners don't all succeed in living up to the amount of emotion and power evident in the work of featured established photographers such as Trent Parke and Antoine D'Agata. Nevertheless, their techniques and ideas provide us with a fresh new take on the medium. Short essays written by amongst others Christian Caujolle, founder of Agence VU and Lars Schwander, founder Fotografiska in Copenhagen, accompany the photo series and give the book a poetic touch. All in all, MONO is a comprehensive visual delight, as well as a rich celebration of a timeless form of art.

Photographers: Anders Petersen, Andy Spyra, Antoine D'Agata, Chris Rain,
 Daisuke Yokota, Devin Yalkin, Francesco Merlini, Gabrielle Duplantier, 
Giancarlo Ceraudo, Hans-Christian Schink, 
Jacob Aue Sobol, Jan von Holleben, Jukka-pekka Jalovaara, Keizo Kitajima, Kim Thue,
Maki, Marco Vernaschi, Margaret M. de Lange, Michael Ackerman, Olivier Pin Fat,
 Roger Ballen, Scot Sothern, Sebastian Liste, Sofia Lopez Mañan,
Stephane C, Susu Laroche, Tomasz Lazar, Trent Parke and Tricia Lawless Murray.

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