The Seconds Pass




Professional skateboarder, painter and photographer. Punk. Ed Templeton (1972) is one of a kind; a singular figure who creates his own world as he goes. In clusters of images - frayed sequences of shots taken while driving a car - he captures both the dynamics and the poetic silence of the urban landscape. In that sense Templeton is a tribute to other Eds, such as(Ed) Ruscha and (Ed) Van der Elsken,who also produced their work while being in-between. On trips from A to B, mostly around LA, but also while driving through several European cities and on cross country tours in the USA, Australia,Chile and Argentina, the seconds pass / like hands thru glass. This book represents a personal archive that spans 15 years of Templeton's life - a scribble of asphalt and meandering ribbons of concrete tangled all over North America and beyond.