CLINIC explores the aesthetic of the medical world through contemporary photography. Eleven photographers contemplated this multi-faceted theme and collectively created the work of art that is this book. On browsing through the book you’ll find series of photographs of women who are pregnant for the first time, long-stay hospitals, consultations, on-the-spot emergency help and the somewhat bizarre human anatomy samples. In contrast to life and the preservation of it, you also get to see the ones who didn’t make it, lying in the morgue surrounded by a perceptibly strange atmosphere. Working in parallel with CLINIC, the creators of Useful Photography selected a range of vernacular photographs related to medicine from existing scientific documents. All of the featured series show their own unique interpretation of the theme, in various artistic ways. An intimate look at life, diseases and wounds that might never heal...

Photographers: Christophe Bourguedieu, Mario Palmieri, Olivier Amsellem, Jacqueline Hassink, Stefan Ruiz, Constant Anée, Albrecht Kunkel, Erice Baudelaire, Ville Lenkkeri, Geoffroy de Boismenu and Matthew Monteith.