Gerontion is a photo book by a Filipino-American photographer Christian Michael Filardo (b. 1991, United States) and an homage to the great British poet T. S. Eliot's verse of the same title. Slipping between states of wakefulness and sleep, Filardo's photographs and words motivate a liminal meandering. They are willed into being, existing as the pillow talk and the last goodbye all at once. Gerontion moves seamlessly between the sharp darkness of flashed reality and the soft light of consciousness streamed: a gaze and a dream.

By depicting trivial house objects, random pieces of jewelry, night landscapes, window reflections, old cars and other everyday nuances, Filandro creates a fascinating and visually attractive narrative that combines the mundane, intimate, and quiet. The vivid colours, a bright flash and unusual cropped compositions, that have become the signature of the artist, are also present in his two previous books The Voyeur's Gambit (2017) and Say My Last Name Softly (2016).