Anyone in Love With You (Already Knows)



New York-based photographer Chad Moore invites us to the party of punch-drunk youth in his monograph Anyone in Love With You (Already Knows). He pulls us in close, within dancing distance, allowing us into the intimacy of couples kissing, the young men with immature facial hair starting to sprout; we see couples or groups sleeping together with limbs affectionately entwined; the closeness in a gesture as a man lights his cigarette off of the burning tip of a young woman's. In snapshot format, with blurring, occasional light leaks or the red and yellow hues of badly lit rooms, Moore's images are invigorated by their roughness, deliberately imprecise, shot with as much abandon as the lives of the people portrayed.

Sex, blood, nudity, laughing, jumping, driving, smoking, rainbows and sunsets: Moore's book embodies the liberty of exploration and embraces a wilful disregard for the consequences of tomorrow. It's fuelled with restless energy and peak emotion. Absent the alienation, insecurity and boredom so often associated with youth, it's a wildly idealistic and romanticized vision of coming-of-age in the city. Moore pulls us into the whirlwind beauty of being alive, running headlong into midnight.

Anyone in Love With You (Already Knows) has been printed in a limited edition of 600 copies and is available from dienacht Publishing. Chad Moore's work was published in GUP#43, the Sweet Life issue, and you can see more images from his work in our online portfolio.