Even Firemen



“Papa, does everyone die?”
“Yes, sweetheart. Everyone.”
“Even firemen?”

In the fall of 2013, Dutch photographer Caspar Claasen started suffering from anxiety and depression. Most of his fears were for the well-being of his four-year-old daughter Lora. She was the reason for his worries, but also part of the solution: by spending a lot of time together - always bringing his camera – Claasen started to feel better. They had fun at sea, on holiday, and adventuring close to home. He slowly learned to accept the fragility of his little girl, and discovered that his fears didn’t come true. She was doing fine, even when swimming underwater or cycling right past a couple of bulls.

In Even Firemen, Lora is in the center of almost every photograph, taking small everyday risks like all children do. The images are interspersed with sweetly naïve quotes from Lora: “Outside is very, very big.” The project has had a therapeutic effect on the photographer, but it just as well serves as a touching, soothing and relatable document for the rest of us.