Black & White




This is the definitive collection of Bruce Davidson's black and white photography, spanning a period of 40 years. The seminal bodies of work are Circus (1958), an intimate portrait of a dwarf clown; Brooklyn Gang (1959), depicting a group of troubled youths; Time of Change (1961-1965), a civil rights documentation in America; East 100th Street (1966-1968), showing life on one block in Spanish Harlem; and Central Park (1992-1995), exploring layers of life in New York's famous urban oasis. Texts by Bruce Davidson, Emily Haas Davidson, Mildred Feliciano, Sam Holmes, John Lewis, Elizabeth Barlow Rogers and Deborah Willis. Parts of all three early essays originally appeared in magazines, but were only published in separate books decades later and became collectors’ items shortly after release.

Black & White is available for sale by publisher Steidl, as a limited edition of 2,000, including a certificate signed and numbered by Davidson.