Before messing around on his computer to create the distorted photographs that he became famous for, Asger Carlsen started working as a crime photographer and then moved on to shoot ads for magazines. Most recently, he decided to focus on his artistic career, dismantling the gullibility of the photographic subject matter and levelling all notions of truth. In his recognisable style - tongue-in-cheek and with humorous horror - Carlsen's sculptures revise the study of the female form to ultimately reveal the evolving terrain of photography and its standards of aesthetics and morality. In the book Hester, Carlsen utilised the digital clay to achieve an ultimate beguiling craftsmanship of modelling towards his own direction: a playful take on the classic theme of the female nude.

Hester is available for sale from Morel Books.

See more of Asger Carlsen's work on his website.