The Black Hole




The Black Hole is a symbol of the uncertain period between college and the “adult world”. Anouk Kruithof and Jaap Scheeren both graduated in 2003 from the St. Joost Academy of Arts in Breda. Both were determined to avoid sinking into the inevitable post-graduation black hole and therefore decided to make it the subject of a joint photography project. 

The Black Hole is not your average photography book. The pictures published in it are alternated with black prints of the same and of different pictures: pages with nothing but black tints that, if you look closely, turn out to be a photograph. Self-explanatory pictures, like photographs of the universe at night, or a large black globe, are alternated with more artistic and suggestive photos, like a pile of old, used coffee fi lters, a mountain of dishes or bored-looking people. 

With this textless publication, and the corresponding exhibition, Kruithof and Scheeren have found a useful way of filling their proverbial black hole. Without making concessions, and with a healthy dose of guts, they have managed to transform their somewhat teasing project into a serious publication.