Becoming Blue




The colour blue is traditionally associated with the sky and water, representing the infinite or tranquil. Anouk Kruithof created a photographic experiment that capturing the soul of the 21 individuals pictured by provoking her subjects into certain emotional states in front of the camera. By using a self-timer she prevented herself from capturing a “photo moment”. Becoming Blue p[ortrays a complex human transformation phase in which people unravel before they gather themselves again. Anotherphotographybookfrom AnoukKruithof,TheBlack Hole, was created in collaboration with Jaap Scheeren and fits completely into this month’s theme: Black. An interviewer once asked the photographers about their future after art school for an article entitled The Black Hole. Inspired by this theme they shot a series of pictures on black outs, the universe, depression and actual black holes. A spell binding aspect of this series is the almost completely black pages, a closer look at which reveals a hidden subject. This surprising, somewhat absurd photo project is a mind game in which the different pictures can be linked and interpretedinmanydifferentways.Playitandgetcaughtup in The Black Hole.