Eleven Minus One




Eleven Minus One by Amir Zaki is a complex book and project that incorporates physics, mathematics, conceptual art, photography, and the deconstruction and reinterpretation of three-dimensional space. Influenced by a series of photographs from the mid-1980s by Swiss collaborative artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss, Zaki recreates ten temporary sculptures of precariously balanced household detritus. Everything is rendered as if equidistant from the viewer. Zaki builds upon the ideas in Fischli and Weiss’ Equilibres, inverting and re-inverting concept and meaning of physical sculpture versus document. Zaki takes this further in the construction of this foldout book based on the 11 different ways a cube can be unfolded. Eleven Minus One becomes an interactive object of pages, grids, cubes and unfolded boxes that explore the relationship of two-dimensional representation and the three-dimensional object. For a guide to how the book functions visit his website.

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Reviewed by Larissa Leclair / Indie Photobook Library