The Family of Woman




Is there anywhere a man
Who will punish us
For our beauty? 
- Diane Wakoski

Every happening in a woman’s life is, universal or not, truly unique. While countless women are marrying in white every day, not a single woman has the same marriage. Although every mother understands mother feelings, not one can make another woman feel what they feel. 

The Family of Woman shows feminine feelings and deeds towards lovers, friends, parents, husbands and children. It gives an insight in the life of a woman and her behaviouristic traits. The photo book consists of hundreds of striking black and white photos by 180 international renowned photographers such as Eugene Richards, Abigail Heyman, Milton Rogovin, Leonard Freed, Walker Evans, Mario Giacomelli and Cary Wolinsky. 

Because it was published in 1979, the book is no longer available in stores. There are quite a few being sold online via Ebay, and antiquarian bookstores.