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An Art of Corruption

November 11, 2014
Author: Katherine Oktober Matthews

Along with the digital revolution of imagery comes the inevitable failure of data. Corrupted memory cards, crashed hard drives, deleted and lost files. But this loss is inspiration for a new kind of art.


The Sense of Porn

September 29, 2014
Author: Franziska Sauerwein

Pornographic imagery often neglects the complexity of human figures and their anatomic constructions that are so vital in other arts like sculpturing and drawing. The Sense of Porn looks at the different ways of perceiving and presenting images of nudity.


Let There Be Light

August 29, 2014
Author: Jim Reed

If photographic purism is what you’re looking for, Frankfurt’s Städel Museum currently has on show ‘Lichtbilder’, an exhibition showcasing their photographic print collection, with work reaching back to ‘the beginning’ of photography.

4_garry winogrand

The Family of Man: History Meets Contemporary

April 22, 2014
Author: Sanne Schim van der Loeff

The iconic Family of Man exhibition was launched at the MoMA in 1955, curated by Edward Steichen. Conceived as “a manifesto for peace and the fundamental equality of mankind”, the exhibition is now permanently installed in Luxembourg.



December 23, 2013
Author: Katherine Oktober Matthews

The obsession with selfies has reached a fever pitch. And I don’t mean the act of taking selfies. I mean, the meta side of selfies. Talking about ourselves taking selfies. Gazing at ourselves while navel gazing.