Eyes on B... 040.




December 23, 2013
Author: Katherine Oktober Matthews

The obsession with selfies has reached a fever pitch. And I don’t mean the act of taking selfies. I mean, the meta side of selfies. Talking about ourselves taking selfies. Gazing at ourselves while navel gazing.

From the series yonder remedy 2011 c marnix goossens

Marnix Goossens: Yonder

August 13, 2013
Author: Jorre Both

Wallpapers of clouds and fake wood, bathroom tiles, pieces of carpeting, plastic flowers: Marnix Goossens sure likes to photograph unremarkable things.


I Want to be in America

July 16, 2013
Author: Jim Reed

In Cristina de Middel’s latest book, released through the Self Publish Be Happy Book Club, she photographs the New York City in her mind.