War Stereotypes



Stereotypes of War criticizes photographic war journalism. It is currently out of print. Images of bombed buildings, reported daily by press agencies and published in our newspapers, are considered the classical witnesses of a war far away from us. Because what represents the war in Lebanon better than pictures of destroyed buildings in Beirut? Jens Liebchen went to Albania to work as a war photographer, shooting destroyed buildings and showing us a country in war. But when the German artist went to Albania, the country was not in war at all; it was a time of peace. Playing with the rules of photographic journalism, Jens Liebchen succeeded in giving us the impres- sion that Albania was destroyed by war. Liebchen’s photos force us to reconsider our understanding of authenticity when it comes to war photography. 

Liebchen Jens, Published in 2000, by the Gallery Heckenhauer. Currently out of print, collectible.