Waiting Dogs




Professionals do it, amateurs do it, even kids do it. Street photography on the web: its not just big, its huge. Most often, people take pictures of other people and post the pictures on their blog so the rest of the world may be inspired to dress better. However, its not just people in fancy vintage clothes that show up on blogs. Cats are hugely popular, but there are also a lot of dog blogs. A personal favourite is www.englishrussia.com, with its beautiful, heartbreaking pictures of stray dogs that ride the Moscow underground: they actually know where to get on and off. The dogs on this page are from my own private collection, and less mobile. I found them on the street, near supermarkets and shops. They are all waiting patiently, while their owners buy groceries. Maybe these dogs think about a juicy bone to bury, or a nice cat to chase, but they probably dont think at all. They just wait.