Translocals; a new exhibition by Sinje Dillenkofer in The Bildhalle



In her series Translocals, Sinje Dillenkofer presents photos of historic and modern receptacles. In her colourful study of these empty containers, étuis, caskets and cases, viewers are able to infer meaning and value from only carefully padded shapes. The series will be on exhibit at Bildhalle in Zurich, Switzerland, opening on March 25, 2017.

For Dillenkofer, the interior of these repositories, which shows how objects are stored, can be studied via a photographic ‘“sociocultural examination” from which power structures and moral values can be deduced.’ Looking at the ways in which societies across time have treated their artefacts tells us a lot about the aesthetic and moral standards of those living at the time. Through Dillenkofer’s photographs, workings of time and the past become apparent by way of the imprint of precious objects. The objects themselves are left out of the pictures; they are only present through the hollow space which they once occupied. The traces these objects have left behind invites wonder as to what was stored and brings a brush of poetic life into the pictures.

Dillenkofer’s abstract and autonomous pictures let her present her view of life in a society, with which she analyses social structures, moral values and concepts of nature at a given point in time. Dillenkofer’s studies often revolve around the question how much appreciation and individuality is given to objects that are considered unfamiliar or, in opposition, trustworthy.

The exhibition Translocals will be on display at Bildhalle, Zurich. Opening Mar 25 (3-8PM) until May 6.