The W. Eugene Smith Grant for Humanistic Photography is Now Open for Submissions



The W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund has opened its application procedure for their annual $35,000 grant, intended to provide photographers with the financial freedom to carry out or complete major photographic essays. Named for famed humanitarian photo-essayist W. Eugene Smith (1918-1978, USA), the sponsorship is awarded to a documentary portfolio or project that conveys compassion, pays attention to the human condition, and presents unique elements of visual story telling. Former recipients include Eli Reed, James Nachtwey and Sebastião Salgado.

Last year, the W. Eugene Smith Grant was awarded to Justyna Mielnikiewicz from Poland. In her ongoing project A Diverging Frontier, she documents ethnic Russians living outside of Russia in bordering countries. Exactly 25 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, Mielnikiewicz explores how those peoples have formed their national identities in the context of the diverging histories, social circumstances, religions and languages during the emergence of new states after the implosion of the Soviet Union.

The application deadline is May 31st, 2017. More information can be found on