The Matrix of Water



The recent experience of a drought in Cape Town galvanized SaySay.Love (b. 1962) to focus his creative efforts on something that he—originally from Germany—took for granted: water. He spent the next half-year photographing water around the world, from Africa to Poland, in settings varying from oceans and rivers to inside plumbing and bottles. What followed is the series The Matrix of Water, an abstract exploration of the structure and meaning of water in its most elemental forms.

As the artist himself describes it: “Bodies of water, like photographs, contain memories, cultural and biological. Maps do not present merely a visual space, they are interactions between the existence and non-existence of water: green lush landscapes with flowing rivers, to warm-coloured dry arid terrains.”

The Matrix of Water Series will be shown in Amsterdam at Rutger Brandt Gallery 9-13 May 2018 to coincide with designer Jacques LaGrange’s collection of fashion inspired by SaySay.Love’s work to be launched at Amsterdam Fashion Week.