The Creative Eye: A Storytelling Workshop with David Burnett



This April, with our friends at Eyes in Progress, you can learn and improve your storytelling with internationally renowned photojournalist, David Burnett. With a wealth of experience spanning decades and continents, Burnett makes for a great tutor to develop your reportage skills in a small workshop setting in Amsterdam.

The workshop runs from April 19 – 22, to coincide with World Press Photo’s Award Days in Amsterdam, which brings together industry professionals from around the world for networking, lectures and shared learning. Therefore, the workshop holds great potential both in and out of the classroom.

The hands-on workshop, complete with shooting sessions, individual assignments, daily group discussions and editing sessions, is designed to push your boundaries in order to move forward into another level in your photography as well as bring an element of creativity to news storytelling, which Burnett stresses is imperative to modern reportage. The Creative Eye aims to help you to discover your own visual language whilst simultaneously giving you the practical and conceptual know-how to confront and capture real life situations.

Find more information on the Eyes in Progress website.