The Blurb iPhone App



Blurb, the website that makes it possible to create a photo album in three easy steps, launched their Iphone app. Is it any good?

Open a free account on the Blurb website and start creating your (photo) book for iPhone straight away. Create albums of photos made with your iPhone. You can choose between Photo books, text & photo books or books for creative professionals. The Iphone application can be used to create stories (photo, audio & film) on the go.

Create stories
Download the app
via the Itunes store. If you enjoy the app you can upgrade to the plus version for €1,59 ($1,99). This will give you access to eight more themes for the layout of your story, 30 second movie clips and 2 minutes of audio to go with each of the maximum of 15 photos you can use per story. The use of the app is quite simple: Create an account, create a story title, write a small summary, take a new photo / audio or clip, or use one that is already on your phone. Every picture can be edited modestly, but you can also add text or audio to the photo. When finished you will be able to share it with people through e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.

The best way to test the app is to make your first story; a review of the app itself… That’s what we did and you can see and hear the result here.

If you like to create and share (personal) stories the Blurb app is a very nice tool, ideal for keeping followers and friends up to date during a holiday or city trip (or during an earthquake or tsunami). It has the potential to start off a community that shares photo stories in this way. The space (15 pictures) is limited, which makes it a bit like a 'photo storytwitter on the go'. Attaching audio is only available with a WiFi connection, but text and images is all you need to tell a great story anyways….