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An Experience of Wonder

Never having visited the Americas, I was curious to discover the thoughts behind Richard Rothman’s bundle of work ‘Redwood Saw’: a monumental portrayal of northern California. Rothman told me he thinks artists need to cultivate and trust in their experience of wonder. He prefers to begin there rather than with whatever the perceived required dialogue of the moment might be in the art world.

Bill Cunningham New York

Bill Cunningham (83), a candid and street photographer, for The New York Time, who exploits fashion as more than just clothes. After watching the documentary; Bill Cunningham New York, you may think twice about walking down the street in your favourite pyjamas, even to just roam to the supermarket; there may be a Bill Cunningham in your city.

Noorderlicht - Chapter 5: Machinery

In addition to the Noorderlicht portfolio in GUP#30, The Metropolitan Issue, we bring you six chapters introducing fifteen photographers as well as the six featured themes for upcoming Noorderlicht Photofestival in Groningen, The Netherlands. Today chapter 5: Machinery. 

My Reality Your Reality?

The word ‘documentary’ can be explained as ‘providing a factual record or report’. But facts and reports are two different things. Is documentary photography a representation of reality? 

An Image for Our Memories Only

There is one photograph that should be in every general retrospective of documentary photography, but never is. The American LIFE and Magnum photographer W. Eugene Smith (1918 – 1978) took this particular image in 1972, when he was recording the effects of mercury poisoning on the local residents of the Japanese seaside town Minamata.


Interview with Sebastian Liste

In the coming year, GUP will collaborate with Slideluck Potshow. Director of SLPS London, Maria Teresa Salvati, will interview a selection of highly recommended photographers presented at these events. She recently had a talk with Sebastian Liste. Here is what they discussed.

Stephen Ferry to receive the first Tim Hetherington Grant

Stephen Ferry, awarded the first Tim Hetherington Grant. The American photographer is presented with this award due to his untimely death, in Libya, earlier this year, but also to celebrate his legacy within photojournalism and filmmaking.

Noorderlicht Festival 2011: Participants

Noorderlicht Festival announced participants for Metropolis: City Life in the Urban Age.


Bringing Back the Good Old Days

Digital cameras, mobile phones with ultra-megapixel cameras and computers have pushed analogue photography to the background. Nowadays, photography is as accessible as watching TV. But new developments have also increased the interest in 19th and 20th century art photography.

War Stereotypes

Images of bombed buildings, reported daily by press agencies and published in our newspapers, are considered the classical witnesses of a war far away from us.