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Old News

Today, filters and effects are just a click away and change your dull everyday pictures into something old, or new, or nostalgic, or creative. 

Picture Perfect

Victor Shadow has an extensive collection of old photos and photo books scavenged from flea markets and attics. Every two months he picks a photo suiting our theme and writes a witty anecdote, story, memory etcetera with it. In this GUP he kicks off with a photo, found in a photo frame dating from the eighties.

Future Mona Lisa

The other day I read some disturbing news. A team of Italian researchers, specialised in unravelling art mysteries, discovered that the model for the Mona Lisa had actually been a man.

A myth for our times

Reminiscing Michael Jackson, who died exactly two years ago this week

Waiting Dogs

Professionals do it, amateurs do it, even kids do it. Street photography on the web: its not just big, its huge. Most often, people take pictures of other people and post the pictures on their blog so the rest of the world may be inspired to dress better.

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Lost Cities

Machu Picchu was eventually abandoned by its inhabitants and consumed by the jungle. It is the ultimate fate of all cities to vanish. Or fade into the surrounding landscape.

A Pictorial Thriller

If you find yourself in a conflict there are two things you can do. You can run away, or, the more classic option, you can poke the other person in the eye.


Men in Black

Despite the fact that I happen to know a mistress who actually prefers white latex, it’s safe to say that black tends to be the colour of choice in the shady world of S&M.

Bright Future

This picture was taken from a propaganda book from 1973, which commemorates the creation of the USSR, then 50 years earlier.

How To Party

Say what you like about communist dictatorships, they sure knew how to throw a birthday party. That is, of course, if you happened to be the dictator. In this picture we are looking at the birthday celebration of the