Sweet Life 043.

Articles with tag 'Introductions'


GUP #41: Professions

GUP #41 features miners, firemen, farmers, boxers and dockworkers. We focus, in other words, on people that enable our society to
function, through their expertise and hard labour. However odd their jobs might be.

GUP #39: Utopia

We need a fresh start. Everything has to change. Our lifestyle, our (social) climate or ‘milieu’… it’s rotten, and it’s stinking up the joint. We need to escape this dreadful situation that we’re living in today and create an alternate reality. GUP #39 is all about Utopia.

GUP #37 Los Angeles

The greater Los Angeles area holds close to 18 million people within almost 5,000 square miles – the size of a small country! Is it the ultimate paradise? Or is America’s most massive human creation hiding the face of the apocalypse?! Issue #37 is all about LA.

GUP #35 The Celebration Issue

Wingding, hoopla, hullabaloo! GUP#35 is all about celebration.

GUP #33 The Stories issue

Stories, the theme for this issue, are essential to human being. Simple as that: we cannot live without telling them to each other. They are the vehicles for our communication. 


GUP #40: Eyes on Brazil

As we slowly pull ourselves out of the darkness of another European winter, one country is already dominating the first half of 2014: all eyes are on Brazil, for obvious reasons…but let’s look beyond the pitch, towards another view on the country.


GUP #38 Collaboration

To acknowledge the team efforts that often go into works of photography, GUP #38 is all about a revival in the wisdom of ‘1+1=3’.

GUP #36 New Realities

With the twenty-first century only in the beginning of its second decade, we decided to focus on what has been, ever since its earliest days, a significant motivation in our visual media: to see with new eyes. In other words, to discover ‘new realities’.

GUP #34 What We Like²

Liberated from the boundaries usually set by the chosen themes, this time we decided to define our personal preferences.

GUP #32 Mexico issue

What is Mexican photography? Well, there is no clear definition. But after being invited by the Gimnasio de Arte y Cultura for a portfolio review session in Mexico City in September 2011, GUP has discovered its depth and richness.