Sweet Life 043.

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Sergio rolando

Horizon Destination

Count down from 10. You are getting sleepy. I whisper the word ‘utopia’. What do you see?

Man in the High Castle

January, 2004. Pulling out of the driveway of the Chateau Marmont, the (in)famous hotel of celebrity antics in Los Angeles, Helmut Newton crashed his Cadillac SUV into a wall and died at the age of 83. A photographer renowned for his controversial images of beautiful women, Newton’s inexplicable death somehow both fulfils and confounds our sense of order.

A Tale of a Two-faced Town

Hendrik’s prayers have been answered. After years of lobbying and making donations that eat into the money he has been saving for a gazebo, the moment has finally arrived: tomorrow the mayor will officially hand him the key to the city, whereupon he will usher in the multi-day celebration that makes the punishing southern winter bearable. Hendrik is this year’s Carnival Prince.


She lay the clothes in the field. Spread so far apart there was no doubt that they covered everywhere the body could have lain…

Peripheral Vision

I started gathering my travel kit. My toothbrush, my pocketknife, and the compass grandpa gave me for Christmas; all the coins in my piggy bank, and, of course, my Fisher Price camera, so I could send them pictures of my adventures at the Egyptian pyramids.


Beyond the cliché of dignity

In the streets of Addis Abeba, the photographer Jan Hoek met some mentally ill people (endearingly called ‘sweet crazies’ by the Ethiopians) and invited them into his studio to be photographed.

Every Drowning Is A Fake

When capturing light, there are no restrictions.

Pause Transition

We know that we only have one shot in life. So we reach for a camera.

When I Think of Texas

As lonesome bedfellows, it was never certain if we were loving each other or using each other, though we would grow drunk with the desire for something more, even if the more was intended for somebody else…

Lourdes Grobet: Behind the Mask

The mask occupies a very unique place throughout Mexican culture. It’s not limited solely to festivities and religious celebrations. Evidently, the masks of Mexico are also not just collector’s items or tourist trophies but a vital, living part of the Mexican heritage.