Stephen Dupont - Raskols



Raskols (Tok Pisin for criminals) is a series of portraits documenting the individuals behind the facelessness of gang culture in Papua New Guinea's capital Port Moresby. Stephen Dupont’s photographs depict ‘Kips Kaboni’ or ‘Red Devils’ and were taken during several visits to a safe house in 2004. Many young people are driven to crime out of poverty and unemployment, and gang life offers them an identity within a fractured community. Often drawn along tribal lines, gangs provide both protection and welfare inside the poor settlements they come from. As law and order in Papua New Guinea crumble and become corrupt, these gangs become a means of survival for many of its citizens.

Details: silver gelatin prints of photographs and hand-etched texts assembled in concertina format, with stainless steel front and back covers. The book is housed inside a rubber-sealed inner lining, screwed and bolted stainless steel case. Each book is unique, with a different chemical-etched photo on the case cover. All books are entirely handmade by the artist. Dimensions are 23 x 19.5 inches with 60 pages. Editions available are # 3/15 upwards.

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