Split Personalities



Robin Alysha Clemens is only eighteen years old, yet she has been pointing her camera at her subjects for almost four years now. Her photography study at the KABK in The Hague allows her to explore en develop her own style. Her main work consists of portraits of persons who she admires. It’s not just indolence that drives her to choose her subjects close to her; its the need to caption a certain emotion. Sometimes she evokes that emotion, at other times she just let’s the person be himself en awaits the moment. Clemens is tremendously driven, she considers herself as her greatest competitor: “I ask a lot of myself. You do not follow photography classes for a diploma. You do this for you and thus if an idea is not good enough you rethink it, start arranging things and you keep going, up until the point everything feels right.”

Ever-recurring topic in Robin Alysha’s work is human emotions, like inner conflicts, growing up, love, friendship and loneliness. For me, her portraits stand out because of her capacity to show the abundance of feelings a person can filter through. Her objects are not split personality's, but a reflection of the ambiguity of the human character. The photo of a man in suit, surrounded by nothing more than one lost bird and the baroque waves of the see show that inner conflict: a part of loneliness is always sought after voluntarily, when do you start en stop excluding yourself from everything? The portrayed children have an unnatural posture, not in any way infantile, which reflects the inner struggle of growing up.


By: Shinta Lempers - www.lovepourlaleben.tumblr.com

Photos: Robin Alysha