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Where Death Dies: An Interview with Emily Kinni

Emily Kinni has been researching the history of former execution sites since 2011 and capturing the results in her series Where Death Dies. She spoke with GUP about researching sites that don’t exist anymore, repurposing sites of death into mundane spaces and the narratives of the people who keep history alive.

Tiksi - An interview with Evgenia Arbugaeva

Since her graduation from the International Centre of Photography (ICP) in 2009, Evgenia Arbugaeva (1985, Russia) has gained worldwide recognition for her work on Tiksi, a small town in Northern Russia resting on the coast of the Arctic Ocean.

Not a Metaphor: An Interview with Alisa Resnik

Alisa Resnik’s (b. 1976, Russia) gloomy photos of dark interiors, people in bars and streets at night, have received a lot of attention recently.

On the Periphery: An Interview with Nikolas Ventourakis

Nikolas Ventourakis (b.1981) is an emerging photographer originally from Greece who moved to London to study and eventually work. With his series Leaving Utopia included in the main program of this year’s Athens Photo Festival, he seems to have hit his stride. He speaks in this interview with Katherine Oktober Matthews about chasing opportunities, the economic crisis in photographs and being on the periphery of the art world.

It's All Mixed: An Interview with Steve McCurry

American photographer Steve McCurry (b. 1950) has created some of the most recognisable images in the history of photography, including his iconic 1984 image ‘Afghan Girl’. He’s shot photo projects around the world for National Geographic and has been a member of the Magnum photo agency since 1986. More recently, in 2010 he had the opportunity to shoot the last roll of Kodachrome transparency film that rolled off the production belt. He was in Amsterdam to promote his new book from Phaidon, Untold: The Story Behind the Photos, and took the time to sit down with GUP’s online editor Katherine Oktober Matthews to speak about working hard, keeping the right frame of mind, and managing expectations.