Slideluck Potshow London IV announces participants


Slideluck Potshow London has announced the list of international photographers who will participate in the IVth edition, which is taking place on April 25th at Leonard Street in London. 

Participating photographers include: Aaron Schuman, Aleksander Sedelnikov, Alvaro Laiz, Andrea Fernandez, Andrew George, Andrew Testa, Bella West, Catrine Val, Charley Murrell, Christian Houge, Christine Rose Divito, Claudia Mozzillo, Cristina De Middel, Davide Maione, Frank Coronado, Kate Nolan, Kerry Mansfield, Kirsty Mackay, Laura Hynd, Luca Sage, Melissa Cacciola, Paul Amundsen, Pierfrancesco Celada, Pierre Liebaert, Sophie Gerrard and Tania Lee Crow.

During a slideshow on the multi-faceted theme of GENDER & IDENTITY led by Harry Hardie and Fiona Rogers, these inspiring visual storytellers will present a selection of their photographic works.

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