Running Now: David Chancellor's Handle Like Eggs at Francesca Maffeo Gallery



“I once saw a box. Simply a Tupperware container actually, only slightly grander than that. It was indistinguishable from many other boxes of the same nature other than the fact it had a strip of white surgical tape on its lid. Written in ‘sharpie’ were the words ‘handle like eggs’. ‘What’s in there?’ I asked, ‘it’s a heart...and ice of course to keep it alive’.” -David Chancellor

On March 3rd, the Francesca Maffeo Gallery in the UK opened a new exhibition by David Chancellor: Handle like Eggs. Chancellor, widely known for his photography dedicated to wildlife preservation, has combined private and public work in this exhibition, at one moment covering the elephant poaching crisis in Africa, at another presenting an intimate picture of his wife and son in a hotel room in Zurich. At first these two worlds seem far apart, but both the world of Chancellor’s family and the world of man versus beast share the same themes at heart: love, loss, life and death. And the worlds are thus blended together, where man and beast live at odds, permeating the intimate sphere of family life, and vice versa.

Handle Like Eggs has opened on March 3, 2017 at Francesca Maffeo Gallery in Leigh-on-Sea (Essex, UK) and will resume until April 15.