Pulling Down the Walls: An Exhibition on the Politics of Borders



"I will build a great wall and nobody builds better walls than me, believe me".
- Donald Trump, announcing his candidacy on June 16, 2015.

Artists have always responded to the world around them, and the world as we know it is providing much inspiration. Considering the current hostile political climate that has cultures pushing hard on the mentality of "us" versus "them", Galerie No.8 has launched an online exhibition of photographic works that speak to this divisiveness. Curator Marie Gomis-Trezise explains: "The world is becoming more and more divided with powerless disenfranchised people being driven to extremism and fear of outsiders."

The images in the collection of photographs address this issue from varying angles, for example Justin French, in his series The Unwilling Martyrs, touches on the experiences and pains of the Black Lives Matter movement, while Nicolas Henry creates fantastical worlds -- an imaginary 'better' world. Featuring the work of seven artists in total, what unifies this collection is essentially their fearless response to a divisive political atmosphere.

The online exhibition Pulling Down the Walls is on display at Gallerie Number 8 from Nov 8 - Dec 16, 2016. Galerie Number 8 was created to bring together photographers and artists that either are of African heritage or who have worked in Africa and who all, though in very different ways, have an unflinching gaze and a desire to dismantle cultural and sexual barriers and constructs. Of Senegalese descent herself, Marie was brought up in Marseille, is now living in Brussels.