Pencil vs. Camera



Ben Heine not only has a good photographic eye, he's also nimble with a pencil. I won't go on about how annoying multi-talented people can be (to someone who can't even draw stick figures correctly anyway), especially when they fuse multiple disciplines with craft and wit. 

True, some of the artwork in Heine's 'Pencil vs. Camera' series lacks a little substance, especially because the pencil drawings that he so skillfully integrates in his photography can be too cartoonish for an eye in search of depth. Yet there is a sweet childish poetry in the fantasies that Heine delves into. Each composition ends up sucking the viewer into the artist's surreality, until they've found the pretty little messages, the subconscious revelations. Like many artists, he explores the world not as it is but as he imagines it, or wishes it. His otherworldly interpretations often resonate with humor, sometimes even with that much looked-for substance. With naiveté, he touches on the themes of friendship, love, civilisation. What starts as cute actually turns out to contain a little magic.

Maybe we could do without his hand always obstructing the frame, especially because his photographic eye is technically flawless and we wish we could see more of his endless horizons, vibrant colors, and perfect compositions. But here, I caught myself liking the originality of his vision and smiling at his imaginative additions so much that I'm sharing his work.