Opening of MATE - Associacion Mario Testino



Borne out of the desire to showcase a wide-ranging collection of his work in his native Peru, as well as to create a platform for Peruvian artists, Mario Testino announced the creation of MATE, the Associación Mario Testino, earlier this year. The 17th of July saw the opening of MATE's building, a traditional 19th century townhouse located in Lima's district of Barranco, which underwent a ten month-long refurbishment so as to house the only permanent collection of Testino's photographic work in the world. 

As a non-profit cultural organisation that seeks to place the work of Peruvian artists on the same international stage that Testino's own work has been placed and viewed for decades, MATE fulfills the photographer's desire to contribute to the artistic and cultural heritage of his country. It reflects and furthers Testino's previous efforts to enhance the profile of national artists, having curated an exhibition of Latin American Art in New York and encouraged partnerships between galleries in Lima and London on more than one occasion.

MATE's inaugural exhibition Todo o Nada, by Mario Testino, is on display until December 2012.