Olympus x GUP Magazine – Exploring The New



Have you met Ronald Koster yet? The photographer let us in on a little secret regarding his experience with his Olympus OMD: “it fits perfectly in my coat pocket, which speeds up the production process. Smaller size can mean bigger achievements, you know.” He says this with a wink and a nudge, but we couldn't agree more.

But, why did we choose to introduce Ronald? Because Ronald is one of Olympus’ Ambassadors, and for our current competition, in collaboration with Olympus, we are exploring 'New' talent. There's a great prize to be won for the best portfolio submission, meaning you could win a 800 euro OM-D E-M10 camera set, including a 14-42mm pancake lens, and perhaps become an Olympus Ambassador as well.

The competition runs for another month, but we advise you to not leave it 'till the last minute. You wouldn't want to create any unnecessary stress or miss the deadline (June 15, 2015) now, would you? So, don't be a stranger and drop us a line, we're curious to see your submissions!

We gathered all the necessary information for you, so you don't have to go on a treasure hunt to find the details.