Olympus x GUP Magazine | Exploring New Talent



We asked Olympus Ambassador, Liselotte Fleur, to take a couple of exclusive shots for us with her Olympus PEN to showcase how handy it is to have a compact camera on you at all times. She says: "this camera is essential for the photographer who, just like me, works primarily on location with daylight because of its size and sturdy lens."

But, why did we choose to introduce her? Because Liselotte Fleur is one of Olympus' Ambassadors, and in collaboration with Olympus NL we are exploring 'New' talent for our current competition. There's a great prize to be won for the best portfolio submission, meaning you could win a 800 euro OM-D E-M10 camera set, including a 14-42mm pancake lens, and perhaps become an Olympus Ambassador as well. So, don't be a stranger and drop us a line.

Click here for more info about the competition: http://bit.ly/1vjxJqP