Olympus x GUP Magazine explore new talent



Olympus is no longer a stranger to us. We have collaborated before when we decided to organize prize-winning competitions, alongside some informative but fun get togethers. Our most recent joint venture is Exploring The New, for which we are both looking for New photography talent. Those of you who are excited about experimenting with brand new equipments, like the latest Olympus OM-D E-M10 camera including a 14-42mm Pancake zoomlens. The deadline is set on June 15, 2015 and you can submit your portfolio (min. 10 lose JPEG images) via newtalent@gupmagazine.com

To highlight the diversity of the cameras we have chosen to compare the work of Olympus Ambassadors Ronald Koster and Liselotte Fleur.

A while ago, we asked Ronald Koster which aspect of the Olympus camera makes it a joy to work with, to which he answered: ‘An Olympus camera fits perfectly in my coat pocket, which speeds up the production process’.

Ronald’s photograph When the smoke has gone to your head…. exudes a style comparable to clair-obsur. This way of photographing creates a mysterious, and slight lugubrious feeling.

Although the work created by Liselotte Fleur doesn't have a direct correlation with that of Koster, we can see the same hint of mystery in there combined with a summery vibe. Her background in fashion photography is very apparent in her work, also she can see the benefits of working with Olympus. ‘This camera is essential for the photographer who, just like me, works primarily on location with daylight because of its size and sturdy lens.’

Despite the fact that these two photographs differ at first sight, there are also some similarities. Both photographers highlight the importance of light in their work and are able to use their Olympus camera to their full advantage by creating the look and feel they are after.