My name is Cohen



Last month a new initiative based on crowd funding saw the daylight: Voordekunst. In english Voordekunst means 'for the art', and basically it's a website where artists pitch an idea and culture lovers help realise the idea by donating 10 euros or more.This is not an answer to the recent shortcuts in the Netherlands, but a way to get to know the artist and the 'why' behind his work. This way, everyone that is 'for the art' gets involved in art. I would like to draw attention to one project in particular: My name is Cohen: a photography project about identity in word and image. Daniel teamed up with journalist Mischa Cohen (not family). He portrayed twenty persons that all carry the same surname, a name that deals with stereotypes because of its Jewish background and because of Job Cohen: former mayor of Amsterdam and a political figure. These persons deal with issues like  integration trough assumptions. Even though their lives all tell completely different stories. This is a series about the question how people relate to their surname. Daniel and Mischa concluded that all the stories also had something in common that binds them: Pride with a capital p.

The project is already realised and selected photos will be on show in the Jewish History Museum in Amsterdam in july 2011. Because Mischa and Daniel think they owe it to their special surname, they are going to make a book that contains all the portraits. This is where you have to focus:

- You can donate to help Daniel en Mischa realise the book here

- For every donation you will get a present. For 50 euros you'll receive the book, a ticket to the exhibition and  attribution on the soon to be launched website.  


By: Shinta Lempers

Photo: Daniel Cohen