Martin Adolfsson - Suburbia gone Wild



What is the personal story behind photography projects? Confronted with a photo serie many questions come to mind. One in particular intrigues me: what inspired the photographer to shoot the serie? This time Martin Adolfsson answers.

What inspired you to shoot the serie called Suburbia gone Wild?

Summer 2006 I visited the newly built upper middle class suburb Parkway Chalet outside Bangkok and became fascinated by how isolated it was. It felt like someone had just hit the copy+paste button and dropped a piece of Pleasantville right into a rice field.

By coincidence I happen to walk into a model home - which I didn't know what it was at that time -. I got a bit obsessed by this whole idea of model homes and how it's intended to sell a western lifestyle. So I decided to start photograph model homes and the surrounding areas in other developing countries around the world. By omitting geographical and national traces I seek to create a strong visual narrative between the suburbs.

I also started a fundraiser in order to finance the last stage - and most importantly build a following - on kickstarter.

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By: Saskia Hoogerhuis -

Photos: Martin Adolfsson