LagosPhoto Festival 2017




Launched in 2010, Lagos Photo is the first and only international arts festival of photography in Nigeria. Now in its 8th edition, this year’s festival is curated by artistic director Azu Nwagbogu and fashion designer Duro Olowu, and is themed Regimes of Truth. Referring to great thinkers of the last century, LagosPhoto calls on us to reflect on our fading relevance of the quest for reality. Local and international artists will be exhibited, including David Magnusson, Lubabetu Abubakar, Bruno Barbey, François Beaurain and Andrew Mageto among others. The festival has a program of events including large-scale and performative installations dotted around iconic public spaces in Lagos, as well as artists’ presentations and workshops.

The festival is open from the 24th of November to the 15th of December.